Magnifier Pens

This unique acrylic pen works as a great magnifier as well. Also includes a ruler that will measure up to 3 inches. Put your customized logo on clip. The magnifier pen are great promotional gifts to put in envelope when you sending lump mails. Material: ABS+Acrylic (magnifier part) Include a fine ballpoint pens, acrylic magnifier […]

Pen Magnifying Ruler

Pen magnifying ruler are 3 in one promotional pens combine a 3 inch ruler, a acrylic magnifier and a ballpoint pen. The clip area are flat designed to attached to books, magazines or newspapers, are perfect to imprint custom logo on it. Thus make it perfect promotional gifts. Material: ABS+Acrylic (magnifier part) Include a fine […]

Periodic Table Banner Pens

Periodic table banner pens are fantastic ballpoint pens combine with a pull out 4 color offset printed banner printed on both sides sized up to 168*68 MM. By default the barrel will be transparent, thus students can see those pens have a periodic table of elements build-in, thus, can’t help themselves to pull the banner […]

Periodic Table Scroll Pens

Periodic table scroll pens look like normal ballpoint pens. But once your pull out the scroll, you can will see a colorful periodic table of elements in full size of 168*68MM. What’s more the scroll is printed both side with offset printing methods. And to ensure the durability, the face side is transparent plastic film […]

Periodic Table Flag Pens

Perfect giveways for students studying chemestry. Customize your periodic table chart on pull out flag now! Pen barrel have variety of choice, blue, red,green,yellow,purple,orange,white, black, or even opaque white.  The flag max size is 168*68mm, which mean your cutomized artwork shall be within that size. And if you just want standard, we also have a […]

Periodic Table Poster Pens

Want to get more potential client at young age? Put your company logo on out periodic table poster pens, and give them out to teenage students studying chemistry during one of your school promotion evens. This will definitely deistinguish your company from common nomal company with just a flyer. We have several standard periodic table […]

Periodic Table Roll Out Pens

Periodic table roll out pen is a ballpoint pen with a roll out offset printed periodic table of chemical elements in which the elements are arranged by order of atomic number in such a way that the periodic properties (chemical periodicity) of the elements are made clear. We offer standard form of periodic table on face […]

Periodic Table Pull out Pens

For the students studying chemistry, you won’t find a more convenient storage area for a resource essential to chemistry studies than the Periodic Table Pull out Pen. You can pull out a periodic table of the elements from the spring-rolled transparent pen barrel. The chart also features an alphabetical list of elements, their symbol, and […]

Periodic Table Flyer Pens

Bayfan’s periodic table flyer pen combines a decent quality smooth handwriting retractable ballpoint pen with rubble cushion at grip and a full color offset printed self-retractable flyer sized up to 180*168mm. With this periodic table flyer pen, your promotional flyer is no long one time usage. Based on Bayfan’s decent design and high quality, this […]

Customer Loyalty Picture Pens

Loyal customers are key to your company’s success. After sales service are best way to gain Loyal customers. Which mean your products do have solid quality to give your clients continuing value after they purchase your products or service.  Bayfan’s customer Loyalty picture pens  are  one of the best ways to maintain and strengthen your […]